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3 steps to Your wallpaper

Choose your material

Check out our wide range of wallpaper materials, such as self-adhesive wallpapers, wool, decorative, textured, washable, eco-friendly PVC-free and many more. And choose the most suitable one for your wall.

More information can be found in the Materials section. Or you can personally see the wallpaper samples at our Showroom.


Choose a theme

You can choose from our LizArt gallery, where all the themes are for free. We offer both high quality photos and thousands of different thematic patterns.

Another option is to use your own quality photo or a theme from a photo library (e.g. Shutterstock, Adobestock or Patterndesigns).

Our themes


For inquires about wallpaper, please use our inquiry form or send us an email directly with your request. We will deliver the wallpaper within 7 working days after approval of the final design.

We also arrange professional installations, which will be guaranteed by us in case of a refund.


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Why us?

20+ year experience in print industry

Our entire team has been in the printing industry for over 20 years, so we have a wide range of experience with all types of prints and materials and are constantly improving and modernizing. We have completed so many orders that it's impossible for us to count them. We have handled a plethora of materials, tried a lot of technologies and printing machines.

For example, we were one of the first in Europe to use environmentally friendly, odourless latex printing. And we are still keeping up with the times and the latest printing technologies and materials.

We print wallpapers and wrapps more than 20 years

The latest technologies

The quality of our products is largely due to the technology at our disposal. We don't want to burden you with technical details, but let's just say that we have the most advanced and environmentally friendly printing machines in existence today.

We use HP LATEX 1500 and HP LATEX R2000 printers, whose main advantage is their eco-friendly operation and the use of water-based inks that do not pollute the environment. They enable high-quality, durable and accurate printing even in large sizes, which is also suitable for interiors because it is odourless. We are constantly testing new printing media for wallpaper printing, their quality, printability, stretchability, durability. We have simply been one of the leaders in the industry for a long time.

We print wallpapers and wrapps more than 20 years

Professional installation

Most of wallpapers can be certainly installed by yourself. But if you want to be sure, you can use our professional help: we offer wallpaper installation as part of our service. Of course, we will sanitise your wall before sticking the wallpaper on it, so that the final effect is as good as possible and, above all, durable.

We can also deal with minor complications such as bent corners, protrusions, sockets, minor damage to the wall and, we have a ton of experience, after all, we've already glued thousands of meters.

Wallpaper installation - professional wrapps
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What to think about when choosing a wallpaper

1. Specification of the base under the wallpaper

I.e. whether the wall is smooth (e.g. plasterboard or a new sanded wall) or rougher. The point is that self-adhesive wallpapers such as WallWrap or wool wallpapers with a smaller weight can only be used on a smooth base (it does not show through the texture of the wall). Wool wallpaper with a thicker weight is therefore mainly suitable for rougher walls that may have some minor cracks and unevenness.

2. Theme versus wallpaper surface

If a customer wants to choose smooth or textured wallpaper, they should also think about the theme printed on the wallpaper (photographs or vector graphics). In most cases, textured wallpaper (canvas, Venetian stucco, imitation leather...) can enhance the motif with its texture and give the wallpaper an extra dimension.

3. Quality of the photograph or graphic

Photographs should normally have a resolution of at least 300dpi. For other types of graphics, the quality is already guaranteed by the type of file in which the graphics are saved (vectors, PDF).

4. Where the wallpaper will be pasted

Since some wallpapers are partially washable, high strength (higher grammage) or certified fireproof, when choosing the material, it is also necessary to think about the type of interior in which the wallpaper will be installed (kitchen, hallway, café or restaurant, children's room …)

5. Wall monitoring

If the client also orders an installation from us, he should always take into account that it includes monitoring of the wall on which the wallpaper will be installed. This is so that the wallpaper installer who is going to glue the wallpaper can take into account any complications (damp or damaged wall, sockets, skirting boards) and, most importantly, so that he can use his judgement and experience to alert the customer and the dealer who is handling the job. This also applies to wall penetration, which in most cases must also be done and is then part of the quotation.

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Patterns (themes)

Thousands of themes for free

You can choose the look of your future wallpaper from our gallery, where there are hundreds of themes of different styles. And i tis all free for you to use. Just choose a theme, specify the display size and you're done!

You will find there themes for children's wallpapers, ethno patterns, floral wallpaper themes or even these amazing modern wallpaper designs or photos for wallpapers...

We also think of children: licensed LOL dolls on wallpapers for walls, doors or furniture.

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Inquiry form

Please fill in the inquiry form with all the necessary information regarding your future wallpaper. After processing, we will contact you with a quotation and possible details such as - dimensions, type and quality of wall or backing material, etc. If you have other questions, we will try to answer you as best as possible.

Do you need a quotation, advice, samples or a visit our showroom?

Contact us:

+420 771 154 255


By sending this message I agree with contacting from company SMART MEDIA SYSTEM s.r.o. (LIZART).

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Contact information

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Visit us in our showroom, where you can touch and feel all of our wallpaper materials, personally see Themes or sample wallpaper prints and installations on the wall. In showroom you can also order or pick up wallpapers.

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